Monday, 8 February 2010

Film choices

When I originally started looking at films for this project, I chose a wide variety as I was unsure which direction to take. Therefore I watched Phantom of the Opera, Step Up and Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. I did not want to use a film with too many effects in them already as there would be no need for my own animation to add to it, and I also found that I could not fault these sequences and could not think of what could be added.

I was going to add to a scene from Phantom of the Opera, yet decided against it due to the complexity of the image and the fact that there is fog and snow surrounding Christine, as I was not sure how to make this look effective on my CGI characters and felt that it would cause me problems.

I also wanted to use Step Up and add a digital character to interact with the leads when they are dancing. I do still like this idea yet felt it would not inspire me enough throughout the project to do a good enough job.


I really enjoyed watching the film again and loved the end section with the staircases. Although there is also complex imagery and shots here, I feel I could add extra characters in an interesting way. I also feel that it will capture my imagination throughout the project, and there are some great camera moves that I can utilse Maya Live for.

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