Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Maya Live

The next stage in adding to Labyrinth was Maya Live.

"Maya® LiveTM simplifies the process of matchmoving. Matchmoving is a process where you match the camera or object movement in a live-action shot with the camera in Maya. This subsequently lets you place your 3D objects into live-action footage.
Matchmoving is an iterative process where the camera movement for the Maya camera is calculated using processes of tracking and solving. Objects are tracked in the live action scene and a solver then calculates the camera position for a given image."

In Maya Live you create points in the scene that the camera tracks. After a cetain amount of points are tracked successfully Maya can solve the scene and the camera move will be created accordingly.

The tracks must be mostly green to be most successful, yellow shows some slipping but can still be used, and red is the worst and creates bad results.

I found tracking relatively simple and managed to create lots of clear green points for two of my scenes. I did however have to end up creating one movement by hand because the background colours of my Labyrinth scene were too similar and the points either had a lot of red tracking or would only track for one or two frames at a time. The images above and below show a successful track, and I will definitely try using Maya Live again on different footage in the future.

Tutorial found on the internet:

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