Wednesday, 10 March 2010


Talking about my last post, here is the image I used from Photoshop to add to my Jareth model. I gave it an effect to make it look more cartoony and not too realistic so that it fitted in with the large eyes and style of the head. I also gave it a bit more shadow on the left hand side using a new layer and a low transparency for the black paint, because I had lit the head model from one side to make him seem more mysterious. The half lit face also shows good and bad sides to the character and the confusion within Sarah's mind as to which path she follows. David Bowie's face is also half in shadow throughout my film clip selection and this also kept consistency with the real life footage.

Out of all the chess pieces, the one I struggled with the most was the Knight piece, as he is not completely round for all of him and this meant I could not create a simple CV curve and revolve it.
I therefore bought a chess set and used these photographs as image planes as reference for my chess piece:

This really helped me, and here is the Knight during the modelling stage. I used lattice points to mould nurbs spheres to how I wanted them to look and I am pleased with the results.

After modelling all of my pieces, I then had to rig them aswell. I used very simple rigs and the shapes themselves are quite simple with no additional limbs such as arms, legs etc. The only one to receive a few more joints was the Knight so that I could also make his ears move.
Here is the Queen piece with and without joints. You can also see the curve on the original piece that I used by using the image plane as a reference and tracing around one side with the curve and revolving it.

I gave my pieces wood shaders as i thought this would suit them better than say metal or trying to make them too detailed. I also chose red cherry wood for the 'evil' chess pieces because it conveys a sense of danger, and also because it would show up better on the screen than a straight black piece (you would be able to see the curves of the pieces better). The two shots below show the two different Kings to compare the shaders. I am very pleased with the results and look forward to seeing them in my scenes.

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